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final sketches.

final sketches.

I decided the best way to create  an experience for the viewer is to create a room. This will create a multisensory installation for the viewers. This will also create a safe, sterile environment.   Each monitor represents a tribe , There is “conversation” between the screens.    


well I still want to take the interviews, I think thats one of the best ways I can get the people  to candidly talk about their views. I have been sketching a lot. About how I can create conversation, and dialogue between the groups. One way is to get the people together in a round...

Shoot – Do I want to go this route?

So I have been thinking about video and audio narratives for a while now. I realise one of the easiest ways to pass on information about such a sensitive issue like tribalism id through stories. Its a subtle way that will be accepted by many audiences. I talked one of my friends to letting me...
Prototype 2 - Screenshots

Prototype 2 – Screenshots

Website Prototype 1 - screenshots

Website Prototype 1 – screenshots


Project Pitch