During the winter break, I went back home and did a couple of interviews. Most of the people I interviewed where mostly my friends, though I also visited an IDP camp (Internally displaced Persons ) . I wanted to get interviews from people who have been directly affected by tribalism and I thought that the IDP camp would hole the best candidates.

However most of the people at the IDP camp thought I was with the media, and were more interested in appealing to the government for donations than actually narrating their stories to me. most of them were afraid to openly speak up their views (because they thought it would be aired on tv ).

Most of the interviews I shot at the camp were in Swahilli, and would need to be translated.

In the end I doubt I will use any of the interviews I shot at the IDP camp. The people were hesitant to discuss most of the questions I asked them.

However the interviews I had with friends went very well, though I need to script out the questions first and ask stardard questions. Also since I had to shoot these interviews at their homes there was notmuch uniformity in the videos. I also had a problem with the soundd, since I did not carry any sound equipment with me.

Overally am glad I took this interviews, they have given me a much clearer direction of what to do, however I doubt I will use them for the project.