So I finally flew back home to do the final interviews during the Spring break.


Shooting the interviews was absolutely crazy!!

I had a Panasonic HMC 150 Camera kit, A canon 7D Camera kit, a set of 3 red head lights , Small Photo and Video Tripod, Large Lighting Kit, Reflector MultiDisc, Shotgun Pro Microphone Kit,  Lavalier Microphone Kit

I hung a white cloth as background,

When I was setting up my lights , all the bulbs blew because I did not put into consideration the power differences between American Kenya. Most of the world, including Europe, and Kenya use a 220 volt/50 hertz system. While America and a handful of other countries, iuse the 110 volt/60 hertz electricity, which is believed to be safer. As a result,  when I plugged in my lighting equipment into the power source, the amount of voltage that I was using was much higher than the equipment required resulting in the bulbs blowing up.

This mishap set me back a few days, because I had to spend about two days looking for replacement bulbs.
After spending two days searching for the replacements, I resulted to create my own lighting as I could not find the bulbs anywhere.

The only other alternative to the bulbs that I could find were Mercury Halogen bulbs.

Making the lights,
Materials :

Card board boxes
2 300W Mercury Halogen bulbs


I covered the boxes with film , then cut a hole in the middle of the boxes and attached the bulbs.
I then connected the bulb to the cables.
I cut a hole at the back of the boxes and hung the boxes on the light poles of the previous lights

I then bought two other 500 W mercury halogen bulbs, that I laid on the floor and used to light the background.

Finally after a whole lot of trial and error, and countless calls to cancel shoots and sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get everything right. this was my set up.