This has been the question I’ve been asking myself lately.

What I want to create is an online campaign that has a hands-on aspect to it.  A campaign that they can easily incorporate in their day to day activities. This Campaign would be web-based and would address three core concepts , that is to help Kenyans appreciate , celebrate and embrace each other. The campaign would educate people about the differences and similarities between the different tribes, addressing the negative stereotypes we have, in the hope that by educating people about how these stereotypes came about and also about the history of the different tribes they will better appreciate each other.  The campaign will also encourage people to celebrate each others tribes, by teaming up with different groups that are already trying to fight tribalism from the grassroots and providing a platform to showcase their events.

The campaign will also encourage hands on participation from the people by inviting them to perform different random acts of kindness to individuals or groups of an opposing tribe. By doing this the participants will show their acceptance and appreciation of people of the opposite tribe and this will inspire more people to join in and participate.