Fractum is a multi channel video installation done by Candice Breitz.

Candice conducted intensive interviews with seven pairs of identical twins and a single set of identical triplets after which she edited the footage and used it to create seven dual-channel video installations. Each pair of twins was filmed separately  andwas asked the same kind of questions. Candice designed these questions to give each individual the opportunity to narrate their own individual stories as they chose, the questions covered intimate areas such as childhood, sibling rivalry and family matters, but also allowed each subject to address his/her relationship to the world at large. Each pair of interviews was later woven together to create a somewhat stereoscopic dual-channel portrait. Slowly as the twins relate their stories, sharp distinctions in their voices, their attitudes, their body language, and their views on the world become apparent.  

“Mother / Father” another one of Candice Breitz projects is a project whereby she  isolated tiny episodes of dialogue, from different movies acted by famous actors and presented them as if there was a single narrative thread running through all the videos. These two projects by Candice helped me figure out how simple video editing could be used to create a seamless narrative even if the video’s are from different sources.