As far as the aesthetics of my project is concerned , I drew a lot of inspiration from Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience. This project by Times magazine presents a memorable video collection of dramatic testimonials from U.S. leaders, firefighters, flight attendants, veterans, family members and survivors who miraculously escaped from the collapse of the World Trade Center.  The documentary, includes interviews from those affected, filmed in front of a white screen speaking bluntly and emotionally about the traumas they experienced, the losses they shouldered, and their resolve to survive and move past the tragic event. Filming the interviews in front of a white screen, gives the whole documentary a clean look . The white  background  gives emphasis on the interviewees and the raw emotions in their stories. Marco the photographer shot the interviews from different angles and edited them with quick cuts which give the interviews a dramatic effect. Most of the scenes are shot from a medium angle, from the waist up, but with occasional close up shots during highly emotional scenes and occasional long shots to show the hand movements and body movements.