Monitors : 23’’ Acer desktop monitors
Processor: At first I used an Apple 13” mac book pro , connected to 4 EVGA USB video
adapters, that were connected to the monitors. After a while I noticed a lag and constant freezing
in the video’s because I was streaming them using a usb adapters. This led me to eventually use 3
mac mini’s. Two of them were 2.3GHz, and I connected them to the monitors using a VGA
cable. The third one was a newer model and had 2.7GHz Intel Core i7. With up to 2 times the
performance of the previous generation. I used one of the USB adapters to connect to one of the
monitors, and used a VGA cable to connect to the fourth monitor.

Software : Downloaded and installed Displaylink- a software that enables you to connect up to
16 monitors to a single computer and operate each monitor individually.
At first I used quicktime to play the video’s but after a while quicktime freezes, so I resulted to
using VLC player.
Set the quicktime/ Vlc Player to loop all the video’s , then press Full screen on all of them.