Finally Set Up !!

And the Installation run for a full two weeks at one of the deisgnated gallery spaces at 6E 16 th NY NY.

In my opinion this project made a bigger impact on the interviewees than on the viewers. The
interviewees were very open and shared their real views on tribalism and on other tribes. Some
views which shocked them, because they did not think of themselves as tribal. Getting the
interviewees to talk about their interactions with members of the other tribes made them think
about their role in this issue of tribalism, on whether they are promoting it or working towards
ending it.

This project needs to be made accessible to Kenyans, who are the target audience, wether
through a web interface or through a physical installation where other Kenyans are located.
Future plans for this project include editing the individual interviews and putting them on the
web, where they will be accessible to more people.

I wish I had more time and more resources to work on this project, and would like to continute it further if possible. I think Tribalism is an issue that needs to be adressed right from the grass roots in Kenya, and we should address it using any means possible.