So I met with a friend today, to brainstorm and just talk about our thesis projects, and it was quite insightful. Well I already had my idea, but it was very helpful to just talk about it, and it helped me clear my mind about so many things.

One of the questions she asked me was to make my mind about what message I want the viewers  to get, what  exactly do I want to pass across?

My main goal is to make Kenyans reflect on their views of each other, we think of tribalism as using weapons to harm each other, but what about the stereotypes we have formed ? Do the stereotypes encourage Tribalism in any way? Could they be one of the root causes of discrimination?

I want Kenyans to think about the above questions and make their own judgements , I am in now way trying to make the conclusion that the stereotypes promote  discrimination.  I think that is a very individual opinion. I want the viewers to make their own conclusions.

My job as an artist is not to make conclusions for others, but to portray the society as it is, to give them a chance to reflect on themselves and their contribution to the world. And hopefully to change  their perceptions.

Kenyans never really talk about tribalism among themselves, especially in the urban areas. Its an issue that we leave to the politicians to discuss, or only pay attention to it  during tribal clashes. We need a safe platform where we can openly discuss this issue.

We have formed stereotypes that are passed on from generation to generation. Sometimes they are passed on ever so subtly that we don’t recognise. For example some of these stereotypes are passed on as jokes. Jokes that are shared very freely. They might seem harmless at first sight, but do they  drive how we view each other? I do not want to discourage people from sharing these jokes, but I want them to think about the effects of these jokes, and wether or not these jokes promote discrimination.

We all have these opinions and we to some extent we judge each other (even though very subtly ).
We never think of ourselves as encouraging tribalism, but when we think of our views of other tribes, and the stereotypes that we associate them with, doesn’t that encourage tribalism? Isn’t that the origin of tribalism?

Each tribe think they are better than the other (really this is what causes conflict ) well, my mission is not to make them feel any lesser, each tribe is special and unique in its own way but if we give each tribe a chance to speak to let their views heard, we will realise that we are all the same, no tribe is better or greater than the other, we all face the same challenges.

My main point of argument is that we have these preconceived notions / stereotypes really , that we have imposed on each other, and these notions cause division, we judge people (individuals ) from the point of their stereotypes , how many kalenjins have been asked if they could run ? how many kikuyu’s have been told they love money (we all love money by the way) , how many Nyeri women have been accused of beating up their husbands? But when these notions go unchecked and when they are imposed on everyone we meet, they cause division. And when one group is provoked in any way by the other group, this causes conflict, tribal clashes even.