After the peer reviews yesterday – Well most of them asked me why I dont have any interaction in my work, well… I would love to include lots and lots of interaction because I think when people interact with any piece of work, they get more engaged in it. And I have thought about having triggers . Like when one video interview starts, and the person in the video mentiions a trigger word that is connected with a different interview, the other interview continues form the trigger word, and so on and on …. . I have even thought of giving the viewers trigger words that they can mention, and the video interviews would respond to the trigger words.

Now my problem with introducing interaction to my piece is that I feel like the interaction will interfere with the discussion. I want the viewer to feel like they are intruding in a private heated discussion.

I also started thinking about the installation. How am going to install the monitors? If I put them horizontally on the wall, the round table effect will not be felt, do I need to place them in a way that signifies the round table.

One idea is to hang the monitors from the ceiling in a circle, the viewer would then view the installation from the middle of the hanging screens.

Another idea is to put the screens opposite each other. For example put interviews from opposing tribes facing each other. Like this.

or this ..

(this was an installation by  Barry Anderson )

Mark Luyten also did something like this.