“Once upon a time there were two countries, at war with each other. In order to make peace after many years of conflict, they decided to build a bridge across the ocean.

But because they never learned each other’s language properly, they could never agree on the details, so the two halves of the bridge they started to build never met.

To this day the bridge extends far into the ocean from both sides, and simply ends half way, miles in the wrong direction from the meeting point.

And the two countries are still at war.”

― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Tribe_less is an immersive multi-channel video installation that addresses the issue of tribal discrimination in Kenya. It consists of videos of candid interviews taken from Kenyans of different tribes, discussing various topics about the  different ethnic groups in Kenya and how they relate to each other.

The spatial arrangement of the installation creates the impression of a private round table discussion. The individual interviews have been shot and edited in a way as to create a conversation between the videos, weaving a seamless narrative throughout the whole piece.

Tribe_less is created with a Kenyan audience in mind. The main objective of this project is to promote Positive Tribalism . It seeks to prompt the viewers to reflect on their preconceived notions of each other, and how these preconceived notions lead them to judge and discriminate each other. It leads the viewer to critically think of their role in ending ethnic discrimination, and how they can individually promote Positive Tribalism.

Tribe_less is a Thesis project done by Rose Maison K. , as part of her MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons.
To find out more about the project, and the its current status. Please email rosemaisonk@gmail.com.